Disciplined Hawaii Attorneys
Hawaii Lawyers Publicly Disciplined for Legal Misconduct

Attorneys may be publicly disciplined by the Hawai`i Supreme Court through disbarment, suspension, public censure, or public reprimand.  You can see if an attorney is presently disbarred or suspended by the Hawai`i Supreme Court, by visiting the Hawai`i State Bar Association website (http://hsba.org/HSBA/SEARCH_DIRECTORY/HSBA/Directory/Directory_Search.aspx?hkey=dea4eef3-194e-42d9-955c-1a7b2aea8b5a) to search that particular attorney by name.

The attorneys who have the “License Status” of "Suspended-Discipline", "Disbarred", or "Resign-Discipline" after their name were publicly disciplined and are not authorized to practice law until such time as they are restored to active status.  For a full list of license status explanations, click here.

Publicly Disciplined Active Hawaii Attorneys

If you want to find out if an active attorney in good standing was previously subject to disbarment or suspension, but was reinstated, or was publicly censured or publicly reprimanded, please contact ODC to get a copy of the actual Supreme Court Order.

As discussed elsewhere, past discipline is not necessarily an indicator of present ability or conduct.  Disbarred or Suspended attorneys may have been rehabilitated and are currently actively engaged in the practice of law.