Attorneys who have been disbarred or suspended may petition for reinstatement.  Attorneys cannot practice law until reinstated by Supreme Court Order.  

Attorneys Suspended for One Year or Less  

An attorney suspended for one year or less may be reinstated upon filing with the Supreme Court an affidavit reciting compliance with the suspension order and payment of required fees, costs, and reimbursements (if any) to the Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection, plus interest.

Disbarred Attorneys and Attorneys Suspended for More than One Year

A disbarred attorney may not apply for reinstatement sooner than five years from the effective date of the disbarment.  An attorney suspended for more than one year may not apply for reinstatement until at least one-half of the period of suspension has elapsed.  No suspended or disbarred attorney is eligible for reinstatement unless he or she has reimbursed the Disciplinary Board for all costs ordered and the Lawyers' Fund for claims, if any, plus interest.


The disbarred or suspended attorney must file a petition for reinstatement with the Disciplinary Board and serve it upon ODC.  The petition for reinstatement must show that the petitioner has complied with the order of disbarment or suspension and all rules and that he or she is qualified to practice law in this State and is worthy of the Court's trust and confidence.